Cherry blossoms bring ‘cheeries’ 桜は、咲く「羅」


Cherry blossoms returned again. Every spring, while I forget what I did last year, cherry blossoms listen to the wind, the temperature, their body, and perhaps humans’ expectation? …. maybe. I am not sure, but I would like to believe so. 

When I moved to this land wherein I currently live, the Pacific West Coast of Canada, I felt that I lost in touch with things I used to adore back home. I moved in the fall season when this place just began its grey season, 7 months of rainy and gloomy sky. During this period of the year, my soul sunk.

Missing home, messing life, and massing emotions 
Where am I? 
Who am I?
What am I doing?

The first spring came. By then, I was working downtown. I used to walk to my worksite. The 50 minute walk helped me to get to know the place. One day in March, I noticed one of the trees on the street began to bloom. I could not believe my eyes first. Some pinkish little buds turned into flowers on the branch sitting nicely together like my pink pearl necklace. All of a sudden, I remember the warm spring breeze gently touching my rosy cheek with a smell of Matccha that I often had with Sakura Mochi (Japanese typical sweets often seen during Cherry Blossoms season). I felt one little tear running on my face. The tears turned cold with the cool dry air blew from the Inlet. 

Close my eyes, I felt home. 
Open my eyes, I still feel the warmth in my heart. 
I am in the faraway presence. 

On the local morning news today, the anchor was delivering news. One of the items was about this powerful tree. Sakura contains the meaning of renewal, he says. Yesterday, I saw a lot of people gathering around the trees, taking photos, having conversations, and spending quality time under and near those beautiful trees. I wonder what those people renewed around the trees … In Japan, school and business year begin in April. Some entered new stages of their life, some moved to a new work place, and people around them with each other, all celebrate the renewal. 

I celebrate little moments. I celebrate now. I celebrate my life – I woke up again and I keep on going. I celebrate the time I write, read, and make art. What do you celebrate? 

People remember cherry blossoms when they blooms and celebrate its ‘seemingly’ special moment. I wonder how many of us remember what cherry blossoms never stop living. During the summer, these trees offer a cool resting spot. In the fall, leaves change their colour to calm my body down. On a wintery day, snow covers the branches and make art. Pandemic came and forced humans to change ‘normal ways‘, and yet cherry blossoms keep doing what the do and came back accordingly. Nonetheless, these trees bring cheeries into my life.

Celebration may not be for some ‘special accomplishments’. Perhaps, celebration or renewal means flowing with the movement and going with the everyday change with what’s offered in the mundane moment.