What might ‘living’ mean? 生きているという意味とは?

Are these flowers living, dying, or already dead?

How many of you have thought of what might ‘living’ mean? Does living simply to continue to be alive or …..

Looking at the flowers through the viewfinder of my camera, I though of this beautiful life. To me, these flowers are still alive as fallen flowers, but not dead because they fell. Death to me means an entrance of different and non-linear stages.

The floating fallen flowers swim in the fountain
Or the water invites the flower to dance together
Without a wind, the water does not move
With water, the flower remain its colour a little longer
Without you, my heart does not move
With you, I swim in my imagination with wings that free my soul
Living means to be lived

I might have thought that I am the captain of the ship. I move her, don’t I? 

If life is like a ship, she might obey the captain’s intention, I thought. For a while now, I have noticed that a life as a ship sometimes does what they like to do as if it knows what I don’t. In fact, life betrays my expectation. I used to moan, complain, resist, and control … at least I tried and I thought I could. 

A spring wind blows and water moves. The breeze took the flower’s life without getting its permission. And yet, the flower begin to enjoy the next life by living as fallen flowers. Somehow, I hear the voiceless voice of vigorous life that found the next stage of its life.