How do I listen to time? 時間と相談?


I hear this phrase,

“I don’t have time for it”

But, really … Do humans make time or time comes to them? When does time run out and how do humans determine the moment? Can I create a segment of time like that really? After all, what is time indeed?

Time flies! I think that many of you have heard this phrase. Yes, I agree. Time does fly especially when doing something fun, and yet time drags me when I work on things that touches my body and mind. In that case, time drugs me as if time uses its own power or force. Time can be poisons, at the same time, it offers a incredible encounter with others. Time is alive.

Last past few years, as I write and re-write many of term papers for my study, I have noticed something important about time as I treat time as a friend who offers me something important.

Yes, time is my companion – not a thing that I control.

The humans might be the only ones who try very hard to control time.

I enjoy photography especially when I go for a little stroll around my place early morning or late evening with cool breeze. I love the moment of tranquility that the particular time offers. I often wonder if I could capture “time” as an object in the photograph. Time, to me, is an unobjectionable element that exists with us as living in this world. Time is always there, but hard to catch. Time often acts like fluid that change their form accordingly. Time after all pass freely like the vast ocean.

During COVID-19 lockdown when time became something else

Throughout a year, I walk around my neighbourhood. I notice that the same flowers return according to their felt time. I began to think that the don’t bloom or spring because April comes. I think they make their own decision as they entangle with others such as the temperature, soil, wind, rain, the sun, and perhaps the energy that they received from the universe? Who knows how many entities are involved with this miracle moment that we recognize “time”. The moment never repeats in the same way. On the other hand, the humans somehow make things such as a calendar and listen to the linearity. For what?

When I was in school, June 1 was the ‘official day’ that we can wear half-sleeve shirts. According to the calendar, summer time begins, and that’s when the students were allowed to wear half-sleeve shirts. I hope the rule has been adjusted by now. One hot day in May, I almost felt like fainting while walking home from school wearing a thick warm winter school uniform. I was dehydrated from sweating too much. Why couldn’t I listen to the invitation of the warm spring breeze saying, “Why don’t you leave your long-sleeve top and be with us?” I only knew the rules are to follow, not to break. But really? If other entities on the earth listened to what earth time offers, then I should’ve listened to the beautiful Japanese warm late spring breeze as my body responded to it. Knowledge in my head was structured by the nonsense called rules, which ruled my body. Now, to what do you listen?

”そんな時間ないわよ” というフレーズ、よく聞く。