The Image of a Person is Made:an Illusion ★人のイメージはつくられたもの

Have you mad e a quick judgement on a person? 

I have seen and experienced many people do that. 

Because of the voice of the person, the particular style of cloth they were, or even based on whatever they like to eat, some people tend to determine who they might be depending on how they perceive certain things. Why is that? 

The other day, I was with someone how has a very young child. The child didn’t stop crying because the youngster wanted to drink yogurt drink. The parent asked me to watch the child because the parent didn’t have the particular drink in the fridge. While I watch the child, the parent thought of going to a neighbouring story to get the ‘yogurt drink’. 

I peaked in the fridge, and said, “Oh, you have yogurt and milk. You can just mix those two to make “a” yogurt drink. It doesn’t have to be “the” yogurt drink, does it? 

Apparently, it had to be “the” yogurt drink. 

According to the explanation I received, kids in general, they drink this particular yogurt drink because kids love the taste of the particular yogurt drink. Kids generally like the particular taste that is made for kids and they never like adults’ food. 

Right…… that really so? 

So, I ask the child and learned something very interesting. According to the young human being, who only lived for a very short time, already ‘knows’ that “the” yogurt drink tastes so much better because of the anime character appears on the container…..

I asked the child, “Do you also eat the plastic container?” The child looked at me and said nothing at first, but in a few seconds, and said, “Nooooow way!” and smiled. I guess the young person didn’t get my not a child-approved  ‘joke’.

I wonder if I make my own yogurt drink by mixing plain yogurt, milk or any other milk substitute, and a bit of honey. What if I put that into ‘the’ plastic container and see what happens?  I have not tried it yet since I don’t live with young children. If you have tried it, please share your story…. But my point is not to promote my blog site by inviting to create more traffic. I am just curious how some people have not yet realized this illusion. So some people  truly like certain things or act particular way based on their own subjective view, or the images that have been constructed by the capitalistic society. I wonder if some of you have not noticed that some of us are controlled by the illusion to make the Rich who seeks more chances to grow one’s own benefit by exploiting others. Some people might be buying things for the Rich can fly their private jet to get their holiday destination. 

The system is there. It has been there too long to even see it. In order to see the naturalized system, I believe that humans begin to see things from the different angles. Have you taken a photo by lying on the ground? The tree you might know shows you a different aspect. 

So, I will ask again.

I used to cross a bridge to get to the university that I attended. When I was on a bus crossing the bridge, I forgot that it was a bridge because I was on it and could not see the bridge as a whole thing. However, when I was on a train going under the bridge, I realized that it actually looked like a bridge. Until I saw something from a different angle, I might have forgotten to see what’s hiding behind what I see. 

Perhaps, an image of a person is created by the societal circumstances. 




果たして当の本人の子どもはどう思っているのかが知りたくなり、子どもに質問してみた。なぜ、”あの” ヨーグルトドリンクではないといけないとか。すると、答えがすぐに子どもの口から流れ出た。『だって、”あの”ヨーグルトドリンクには、大好きなアニメキャラの絵があるから』そこで、聞いてみた。『プラスチックの容器を食べるわけ?』私の冗談は子どもウケをしなかったのか、そんなわけないでしょ、という感じでシラけた感じで終わった。