Long Time No See… お久しぶり

After a three months of long pause, I came finally came back to my blog … Hopefully, I will continue my journey here at Calico Rico Life….

I have been experiencing a cold winter since Christmas last year, finally warming up a bit lately. After a significant temperature drop, it started to snow on Christmas Eve! It was such a great moment. Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos, however, the beautiful scenery of winter wonderland will remain in my heart for a long, long, and long time. 🙂 It’s all good.

I took this photo about a week ago when the sun appeared after a long cold days. I felt so warm after experiencing below 10 or colder for a week or so. The temperature went up to 8 or 9 degrees on that day! Compared to the coldest point, the difference became over 20 degrees. Everyone walking around a park had a nice smile on their face!

What will happen this year?

This year, for me, will be a year of the ending and the beginning. I am excited to see an exciting change ahead of me. How about you? I am certain with some part of it, at the same time, I am uncertain with other things.

This year, too, I will continue writing my stories, through arts, always in/within my life. I look forward to the new adventure. Please share your thoughts if you wish.






去年は、Facebook を始め、音声アプリのClubhouseやStand FMでの発信、 Instagramでは、インスタライブでお料理ライブをでしております。ぜひ、お時間があればお越しくださいね。

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