New Concept for Dining… つくられた外食の新しい形

After coronavirus spread all over the world, humans disappeared from the dine-out business back in 2020 during the lock-downs. The following year, restaurants and other social gathering spaces reopened its business, and yet, some restrictions still have remained. Where I live, the Pacific west coast of Canada, most of the public spaces including restaurants, museums, and so forth ask for “Vac Pass”.


“Do you have your vax pass?”
I hear an unusual phrase.

Standing outside of the restaurant while waiting for our take out dinner, my eyes respond to all those new terms & rules.

What is freedom and how much resistance towards certain control can humans have when it comes to vaccinations? I started hearing this new term (now becoming another ‘normal’) “vax pass”. When I first heard it, I knew what it was right away, and yet, I still had to think for a few second what the term indicated. 

When people arrive at a restaurant, the first thing that they are asked to do is to show the proof of vaccination and a government issued ID. The host of the restaurant scans the QR code on the vaccine passport, and takes the visitors to their table. Those who decided not to have vaccines have lost freedom to dine-in at the restaurant or any other public space to experience some important events. There is freedom to resist, and yet there isn’t freedom to have certain choices. So, really, what is freedom in this democratic era within the era of global pandemic? Some may say that death awaits without vaccination, at the same time, some experience unfortunate situations even after having vaccine. What is this global pandemic trying to teach humans? 

Since Covid situation forced to change the concept of dining-in, new style has increased its impact on society. All those food delivery services began to replace the role of restaurants. Some great aspects for this change is that more jobs became available. At the same time, more take-out containers are everywhere. I hope that more people are mindful with the ecology and think about what wasting might mean to humans and non-humans. I wonder how much of those plastic containers arrived at the landfill centre everyday. As soon as they are out of our sight, we stop thinking about it. I also hear some people begin to eat more fast food because those franchise places do the take-out services more often than other slow-food style restaurants, which connect more with the local small business. Sometimes, things are silently controlled. If we don’t open our eyes, ears, and heart, we might miss something very important in our lives and for the earth.