Why Music? 音楽に潜む力

Music has been living with humans for thousands of years. As you can see in the cave paintings from prehistoric time, humans danced with music to express their thoughts, feelings, and more. I consider music as a ways of knowing and way to exchange knowledge. Exchange here means more complicated than just one-way exchanges that today’s consumerism prefers. This exchange I indicate here offers, I trust, a deeper sense in human lives.

My partner gave me a Ukulele last October on my birthday.  It became one of the best gifts ever. I had never played a string instrument before, and yet Ukulele invites me to play. Singing while playing an instrument needs practice for sure. However, the repetition for seeking new possibilities in myself gives me positive energy. By playing music I like, I feel my old wounds that I forgot about. The music I used to listen to as a child returns to my head. The song that my grandma used to sing recovers my soul. I totally forgot how important music can be to sustain my life.

I found a woman who sings on one of the social media apps. She sings so simply without trying hard to control others’ feelings. I can tell that she loves music and that’s all she wants is to share with her listeners. The soft voice flowing from the speakers invites me to smile. Sometimes I notice myself not smiling at all on day when things get too busy. I take a deep breath. In front of my eyes, my mug sits on the dining table as if it speaks to me. My eyes read the line on the cup: “Smile is the prettiest thing that you can wear”. Every morning when I have my first tea, the cup reminds me to smile. Yet, I do not need a reminder with music. As soon as I hear music I love, or I sing to myself, singing or playing, smile appears on my face. Music definitely does something to my heart, body, and mind. The melody I love heals my soul and tells me to let things go. While I listen to music, I also listen to its powerful message. With music, something in my body spiritually grow into my new possible way to know self, life, and others. Life becomes more beautiful and meaningful with the power of art.