Japanese Mizuhiki Art by Aya 水引アートから知る世界


When I first saw her work, I could not believe my eyes. The uniqueness of her style and the attractive appearance took my breath away. The simple design, yet, the character showing its character absolutely gave me an awaken moment. It was a thunder storm going through my heart like an artistic shock that I hadn’t had for a while.

Aya, the mizuhiki artist, is originally from Japan, and living in Western Canada. I met her through my other Japanese friend. We were all worked in the same field and had a lot in common. I was particularly impressed with her idea around making art as offering people visual and emotional shock. Believing art as language to share life value, I totally agree with her that residing between tradition and contemporary art gives us a chance to contemplate what it means to be with art in order to expand our life.

Mizumiki is one of the most sophisticated paper art work found in Japan. I often see it on the fancy Japanese gift envelope for wedding or even funeral. In Japan, gifting money is one of the common practices. People use a special envelope as a common practice. When it comes to wedding or any celebration, mizuhiki art on the envelope gets elaborate. MIzuhiki is used as a decorative purpose for such envelopes, and yet Aya transformed the idea and create mizuhiki art for accessories in numbers of ways.

My mission as an artist is to add some spices in human lives.
Mizuhiki art make it possible.

Aya (translated by Calicorico)

For Aya, being an artist does not require any rules. She does not think that being an artist requires any criteria because it really diminishes the artistic soul. The artist should express their ideas, feelings, or even concepts freely. When she first tried mizuhiki in her work, she concerned too much about mizuhiki traditions, for instance, following the ‘how-to-s’. That experience narrowed her work. Following too much rules weakened her artistic sense and the particular style. She believes that having artistic sensation means to add her own inspiration to her work!

To find more of her works, visit her instagram account: @paper_for_you