Life-making as art-making 人生はARTづくり過程の中にある


We lay hold of the full important of a work of art only as we go through in producing the processes the process
the artist went through
in producing the work

Art as Experience – Dewey, J. (1934)

Learning Happens in the Process of “Doing”
Why do some still focus on the final products?

The Secrets are hidden in the process that are created.
So, what do you make?
Art, possibilities? or both?

Have I ever said to myself, “What was I thinking?” 
Oh, yes, I have. 

I often do this when I don’t really think in a process of making and probably rush into the result. What does a process do and how do I create a process in the midst of making? 

Sometimes I stop thinking and unconsciously I lose myself in time. This can be a good thing when I am trying to figure things out or make a self-discoveries. I need to be lost in time and go deeper with my thoughts especially with materials. This often happens when I am making art. While engaging with materials, the life of materials invite me to think differently. Why? Because the materials seem to know something that humans don’t ever notice. In other words, I never know what would happen until I work with the materials. For instance, I cannot really know what exactly liquid acrylic ink does when using on the wet surface. I know they spread and create fabulous pattern, and yet I love the way the ink shows their own creation. I always have to work with them without a total control. They make me think in deed during a process, which allows  me to create multiple layers of new processes. 

Making art and making my life echo. Life making is not about concentrating on how my last day of life shine. The most important part of our life hides in the process of making. When I make my art, I often find a concept, for instance, concept of fear of making mistakes. When I draw with water colour, I know that I have to be very careful with the amount of water I use. At the same time, more water sometimes gives me the result of which I never thought. It’s like having a conversation with the materials. They teach me how I might be gentle with them or how I can be careful with my own decision. Like making is similar in this way. When I am with others, using gentle words or being careful when making decisions of what to say or what to do for them can be very important when it comes to live with others. 

As life goes, I find things. On the last day of my life, I only look back and perhaps smile at those mistakes I made and how I dealt with them. How I die will be unknown until the day I leave this world. What I know now is to enjoy my life by searching the things to discover for my own sake in the midst of doing. To do so, I create art, I create its process, thus, I create my life. Art making sustains my every day life.