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Begin your new life within making. I share recipes, stories, and thoughts with enthusiasm. Please come and explore with different eyes. I hope that you rest and re-set your busy mind while lingering my site – my virtual and visual nest. In each word, I hide magical gift just for you. How you receive it is up to you. Happy visiting!


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Grilled Asparagus & Poached Egg on Toast

Synchronistic Card Reading

(ただいま準備中:coming up soon)


Sometimes, Taro Cards & Various Oracle Cards add a spice for our lives. You might find a perfect messages that cards offer. Choose any topic you like and enjoy the Synchronicity!
It happens for you, not to you.


love story 恋愛

work 仕事

message you need “NOW”

friendship & human connection 人間関係

happy messages

message for worrying mind 不安へのメッセージ


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Leave some space as immanence すでに内在している希望

Spring (finally) has come, and while I look at the lilac swinging with the spring breeze, I wrote my momental thoughts. 春が来て、ライラックが咲いた!この花が春風に揺れるその瞬間、私の心がゆらゆらと揺れるのを感じた、そんなエピソードを書いています。

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The message you might need もしかしたら必要かもしれないメッセージ

When things are not going where it should be, just take a little break! Soon, you will find someone who can support you. After a little while, your own energy recover with the love you receive! 最近、ちょっと疲れたな、という方も周りの助けを得ることで心と体が回復するかもしれませんよ。休憩を取りましょう。あなた自身が神託となり自分自身を支えていけるようになるかも知れませんよ。

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Social Media as a space of mutual exchange: SNSは『しあわせの交換』の空間

Social media can be a platform for business opportunities, and yet I see it with different vision. By using it in new ways, the world might be able to go through a radical change! SNSをビジネスチャンスと考える人々が多い中、私は、少し違った角度からこの空間を見るだけではなく、使っている。つまり、新しい形の行動をしているというわけ・・・・

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Hello! I believe that making sustains life. I make food, art, photograph, stories, friends, and even as much as time to make more things. I was born and lived in one of the beautiful cities on West coast of Japan. Currently, I live on the Pacific West Coast of Canada living with love of my life.

Let’s make at home, in a forest, on the beach, and at other makable places!


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