Captivate as Showing 「見せる」より「魅せる」

fresh home grown vegetables that captivate my soul

I haven’t been here for a while – I was busy, but also my writing angels decided not to linger in my head. I only write when my writing angels stay by my side. I almost feel like they just appear out of nowhere and tells me what to write. Once I am in a deep state of ‘writing’, I almost feel like my hands moves accordingly. (日本語は下にありますよ)

And… today, the writing angels has come back! 

I upload some homemade meal photos and recipes with some intention on my instagram ( ) Instead of simply “showing” what I cooked, I show my photos wishing the life of photographed objects captivates spectators’ eyes and experience a particular pausing moments that invites the viewers to begin something… Perhaps, begin to think about something and the thoughts move into some positive actions such as thinking from “I have to do something…” to “I would love to…” Or simply thinking “Wow! This is amazing!”

When doing something because I feel that I “have to”, I believe that that I am not being a true self. Like cooking. To me, cooking is a part of ‘making’ process that humans cannot separate from life. We eat everyday, typically 3 times, or more or less. Does not matter how often, but what matters is how you feel when you eat or make food. 

I believe that the energies surrounding humans control the life. I almost think this idea with living with the four fundamental forces or synchronicity that Carl G. Jung talks about. I am not going to get into the details of those topics here (if you are interested in having further conversations on this topic, I would recommend to visit one of the clubhouse rooms: )

Returning to the feeling of “have to”. Feeling this way, the back of the head on the unconscious level, I think the mind also uses the feeling of “I actually bothered by it (because I have to do it!)”. I understand that this negativity creates “synchronicity” (Wikipedia: This unaware negativeness connects to the other side of the world invisibly, and creates another negativeness without noticing. So, creating “Ugh…I have to make dinner” as negative feelings might bring some completely different kind of negative events in your life, but the person doesn’t really see it because synchronicity only brings the element of ‘negativity’ but the actual appearance of the event does not match. 

If so, then, when making, for instance, meals, it’s wise to feel good about it. If you never liked cooking, then at least feel good when you eat! I believe what you eat and how you feel when eating or making become you and your future life. 

The other day, I harvested some fresh vegetables from my garden. The moment I saw them, washed them, and made food out of them, I immersed myself into the gratitude and happiness. This positive feelings invited me to ‘be desired to’ make something. And now, as I upload this photo of those beauties, I hope that the viewers are captivated by the life of plants rather than just looking at them. Then this positive energy that those vegetables invites you to do whatever you want to do with a genuine desire. 

カール・ユングの考え方にシンクロニシティーというのがありますが、皆さん、ご存知でしょうか?(知りたい方はこちらをご参考に:シンクロニシティ )この概念をもとに、今日は「つくる」ときに使う気持ちの持ちようについてお話したいと思います。

私は、インスタグラム( )にレシピや作ったお料理の写真を投稿しているのですが、その時に願ってやまないことがあります。それは、「見せる」より「魅せる」ということ。単に、お料理などを見せびらかすのではなく、「魅せる」つまり、みた人がお料理に魅了されて、「つくらなきゃ!」から「作ってみたい!」という感情を使っていただきたい、と思っているんですよね。